Confusionaires – Everybody Wants What They Can’t Have

We return to an era I wish I would have lived through with Confusionaires‘ rocking new track ‘Everybody Wants What They Can’t Have’! With their sound and latest release, Confusionaires give me something I can’t have, their new single is a massive piece of pie I am consuming with the greed of someone who dreams of meeting Elvis on the regular. We’re rocking, rolling, bopping and dancing along to ‘Everybody Wants What They Can’t Have’.

The rock’n’roll track is filled with delicious guitar riffs, grand vocals and vocal harmonies that make me feel like I am part of the band. This band continuously pushes the boundaries of what rockabilly and country music can be and attracts fans from all age ranges to the dance floor. The Edmonton-based trio focuses heavily on live performances throughout Western Canada, and earned their place as festival darlings and a must-see live act. A third full length album is on its way and oh how I wish the band would come and visit the UK soon!

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