Dull Boy – The Bends

A dark, rambling and riffing new rock track was released by Dull Boy. Their latest is called ‘The Bends’ and instantly pulls you into its refreshingly chaotic soundscape. The song is about falling in love with a mermaid and its sweet message starkly contrasts is rough and thunderous sound, which makes ‘The Bends’ such an intriguing listen!

“Falling in love with a mermaid is of course a bad idea most of the time… We’re all about bad ideas!” The song gripped me instantly due to its similarities to Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss and with its production being quite rough gives the feeling of having been recorded live, which made me want to actually see the band live.

Dull Boy make energetic indie rock for fans of Franz Ferdinand, The Hives and Danko Jones!

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