April Round Up

Zoe Konez – Easy To Learn

This angelic new dream pop track has been stuck in my head and heart ever since I first heard it. ‘Easy To Learn’ is a warm hug, a comforting song with beautifully swaying vocals and a simple guitar-driven soundscape. Zoe Konez truly mesmerises on her new single ‘Easy To Learn’, and its catchy and easy to sing along to chorus only adds to its charm and memorability! You can find ‘Easy To Learn’ in the playlist linked at the bottom of this feature.

New Friends – Find You

A grand and exhilarating pop rock track was released by Canadian outfit New Friends, their latest is called ‘Find You’ and hits the spot from the very beginning. Once a pair of vocals gets added to the mix the song truly gets elevated. Those vocals smoothly transition between high and low pitched, and give the song a dynamic feeling, with hints of alt pop, rock and even a bit of sweet indie folk! Soaring vocals and a simply supportive soundscape make ‘Find You’ a very catchy new release.

TEOSE – Rat King

Listening like a roller coaster, TEOSE’s ‘Rat King’ is a fast paced dose of caffeinated indie rock track! Refreshing and fun, it’s another hard-hitting tune from the Glasgow-based three piece. The song is filled with energy and silliness, sharp vocals, and driving riffs. Their energy is coming through my speakers and makes me want to dance along to ‘Rat King’ on a sun-soaked festival field!

Blondes – The Basement

The shimmering and instantly intriguing intro of Blondes’ ‘The Basement’ leads us towards a highly infectious chorus that is driven by gorgeous vocals, lyrics that are easy to remember and sing along to, and warm guitar sounds! ‘The Basement’ will also make an appearance on the upcoming EP, which is due for release in July. This mesmerising and dreamy pop sound is right up our alley and is about feeling isolated and looking for a way out…

Statues – Perfect Storm

Fast and hooking, instantly exciting and flirtatious, that’s what Statues’ ‘Perfect Storm’ sounds and feels like! It’s an indie rock track with hints of 90’s pop rock and a sound similar to that of Husker Du and Fugazi. It’s an energetic freight train that just keeps going, and going, and going… It’s loud and chaotic, it’s fast paced and driven by delicious guitar licks, and leaves us longing for more Statues!

mia christ – kiss me with the light on

Beautifully fragile, a gorgeous voice and warm, poetic lyrics bring mia christ’s latest to life. ‘kiss me with the light on’ is a song about breaking up with someone you’re still in love with. mia christ’s voice and sound resembles that of Phoebe Bridgers, and is nearly see-through… Goosebumps from the very start until the end of ‘kiss me with the light on’, I could easily listen to this soft and sweet folk pop song over and over again. It’s comforting and heart-breaking at the same time.

Simon Taylor – Judgment Day

Simon Taylor released his new folk rock single at the start of this month, and ‘Judgment Day’ stands out due to its slow build up and stable rhythm. The north east-based musician has created a rather bluesy sound that supports his soft and almost crooning vocals perfectly. Its spoken parts and subtle soundscape make for an intriguing listen, add in some rap lines, angelic vocal harmonies and an evolving build up and you have a well-rounded and pleasant new track!

Dave Crimmen – Miss Lonely

An incredibly attractive track was released by Dave Crimmen, a la the modern-day Elvis. Gorgeous vocals and stunning piano tones, a fantastically upbeat soundscape and a beat that makes it impossible for its listener not to move along while listening make for my favourite track of the year, by far, already. Of ‘Miss Lonely’, Crimmen said: “This one’s for my three older sisters who got me into rock ‘n roll. Mama always said to them “Don’t complain about men “taking it for a walk, girls can do it too!” enough said.”

Tired Kid – Scotch

A softly tapping beat introduces us to Tired Kid’s new single ‘Scotch’, sweet Scotch-drenched vocals tell a story inspired by coffee shop walks, friends, and TOPS’ guitar tones. The song is soft and tranquil and focus on the mundane things in life. Tired Kid is the moniker of Toronto musician Thomas Kelly, who creates a 90’s alt rock inspired sound that meets the classics of the 60’s and 70’s. It’s heart-warming and lush, a welcome breath of fresh air during a hectic day.

San Cisco – Horoscope

A luscious and grand sound was released by San Cisco in the form of new single ‘Horoscope’, softly swaying, dancing and feeling like a melancholic hint at the past, ‘Horoscope’ is a wonderful new release! The song is an ode to letting life roll and blaming it on the stars, and it’s another taster of the forthcoming fifth studio album which is due for release later this year! The song follows a run of impressive shows and exciting announcements yet sounds grounding and unphased; showing the bands’ pure and passionate sound and ethos!

The Early Purple – Summer Hide

A subtle and thumping new single was released by alt folk slash chamber pop artist The Early Purple, single ‘Summer Hide’ slowly builds and gives a hint of what the debut EP is going to sound like. The debut EP is due for release on the 12th of May, and single ‘Summer Hide’ hints at an unhurried and reflective sound, painted in the colours of autumn. The Early Purple is the solo project of Northumbrian musician Matt Saxon who also hosts intriguing podcast ‘Hide & Speak’, he’s got a lot going for him and we’re looking forward to hear the entire EP!

Video: Anaïs Cardot – Can’t Explain

The intricate sound of singer songwriter Anaïs Cardot is beautifully personal, jazzy with a hint at pop. She captivated us with single ‘Can’t Explain’, a sparkling yet soothing sound, one influenced by vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald and Joao Gilberto. On her latest single she struggles to express how she feels to someone she is falling in love with, inspired by very relatable feelings and struggles, the song’s sound is passionate and refreshing, capturing the essence of what it feels like freezing up. She offers a different sound, something new, something for us to fall in love with…

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