May Round Up

Silent Forum – Cat Pose

It was impossible for me not to write about a yoga-inspired track, even though I never thought I’d ever have to do it. Silent Forum, however, truly inspired and captivated with their grand alt pop single ‘Cat Pose’! The song talks about self care and mental health… Or Brexit and vegetable samosas. It’s a powerful mix of sharp vocals, delicious guitar licks and a rhythm that had me moving from the beginning until the end!

Martin Luke Brown – see you later x

‘see you later x’ is the soft and heart-wrenching new indie pop single by Martin Luke Brown and it’s also the focus track of his debut album which was released on the same day. This one, as well as the rest of his discography, is at all time beautifully fragile and delivered in the form of powerful vocals and grand soundscapes. “You were my best friend, and now you’re a stranger…”

9 o’clock Nasty – Mood Is Low

Powerful, rocking, riffing and punches, it’s 9 o’clock Nasty’s latest ‘Mood Is Low’! Theirs is a sound hard to ignore, with its easy to remember lyrics and driving soundscape. It’s a track strong in its simplicity, as well as being to the point. About their new single the band say: “We’ve been trying subtlety and a more varied approach this year, but sometimes, well sometimes, you just need to crunch it. Get out your hammer. Put on your butt kicking boots.”

Blackout The Arcade – Side-by-Side

North east-based indie alternative outfit Blackout The Arcade have just released their new single ‘Side-by-Side’, and it’s introducing their no-nonsense rock sound with psychedelic undertones and grand indie rock punches! Their great guitar sounds is amplified with vocals that are pleasantly rough around the edges and ‘Side-by-Side’ is potentially our new indie summer hit (votes are still out…)!

Davoli – Sunny Day

‘Sunny Day’ is the ever uplifting, light-hearted new summer tune Davoli just released. This subtle alternative pop track is driven by warm vocals and a very infectious rhythm! Davoli is a Nottingham-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer and draws influences from American songwriters such as John Pine and Jeff Tweedy but has figured out a sound that works for him and makes him stand out from other singer-songwriters in his field! “It’s a sunny day…”

Robert Vendetta – Vacation

A warm and jazzy, almost rocking new song was released by Robert Vendetta, ‘Vacation’ is a fun and light-hearted listen that is easy to listen to and hard to take off repeat. On the energetic and fun ‘Vacation’, Vendetta asks the questions “if you finally – after having worked too hard for several months – get a vacation – where would you go?” His retro-pop sound is refreshing and uplifting and its message an important one that I have been thinking about for weeks already… With the summer around the corner. Are you ready… For some Robert Vendetta?!

The Splints – I Just Wanna Know

A highly energetic, fast paced pop rock track was released by The Splints, undeniably catchy, ‘I Just Wanna Know’ is going to be our summer anthem of 2023! The Brisbane-based band wasted no time after their debut ‘Come & Get It’, its consecutive release is equally uplifting and gives The Splints an edge. I can’t wait to see what’s next in store for this emerging outfit!

Luke Sital-Singh – Hallelujah Anyway

A beautifully emotive and fragile single is coming from English singer songwriter Luke Sital-Singh, ‘Hallelujah Anyway’ is beautifully harmonious. The single is coming from his upcoming EP ‘Strange Weather’ and channels the intimacy of Luke’s approach, as if he’s letting you eavesdrop on a conversation late at night. It’s intimate and positively chilling from start till finish.

Maty Noyes – Lighter Thief

A gorgeous voice leads us through the soft and simple pop song that goes by the name of ‘Lighter Thief’ and was released by Maty Noyes. Its first notes instantly made me want to be next to Maty Noyes, softly swaying along to her beautifully fragile sound. ‘Lighter Thief’ is about loving the anti-hero, but no matter what it would be about, I’m captivated, and I want more.

Jeremy Zucker – OK

‘OK’ is a subtle surf pop track with soft vocals and a catchy soundscape throughout. About that soundscape; it’s a warm and well-crafted mix of softly thumping drums and sweetly strumming guitars. Its chorus adds a bit of stubbornness to this overall sweet pop track. ‘OK’ is like a safe drug you can just take over an over again. Jeremy Zucker will never bore me.

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