Callum Pitt – Forgotten Kids

Sometimes you meet people in life, and all you want is to hug and protect them from the ugly outside world. Callum Pitt was one of those people for me. He is a genuinely nice, happy soul that needs to write his music, not because of it being a hobby but because of it being necessary. New single ‘Forgotten Kids’ is his latest release, and it’s an up tempo happy-go-lucky song yet the message behind it is a tad darker than it might seem. Callum talked to us about the subject of the single: “Forgotten Kids is about the rising poverty levels in the UK, it refers to rough sleepers and families having to use food banks, people who have been let down badly by our system.”

When one is able to turn something as dark as people sleeping on the streets into something that is a sunny pop song, that’s what I call talent. Callum is playing The Great Escape, This Is Tomorrow and Deer Shed. More festivals are to be announced!

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