Blu:m – No Matter the Darkness (EP)

A voice that immediately pulls your attention, that grabs it and doesn’t let go. Surprising sounds, sounding like you’re in an old antique shop and the furniture is talking to you. The tone gets brighter, as if the sun starts to shine, fairies join the music and sing as one. Blu:m is mesmerizing as well as fascinating and musically unique, or at least to me. The trio based in London released their debut EP ‘No Matter the Darkness’ last week and it is a lovely resume of the sound they have created and made their own. Fuzzy dream-pop might be a genre that does their sound justice, plain indie maybe?

Second single ‘Tiny Break of Light’ has got great hit-potential yet in a Blu:m-esque way. ‘I’d Rather’ is even poppy’er, in the flower-kind of way as well as saying it’s more pop-like. Rebecca’s voice really stands out in this one and the tempo changes make it interesting and keep you listening. Now ‘Shakes Up’ does really shake things up yet sticks to the Blu:m-kind-of-way. Bit more uptempo and with a happier tone, it’s the perfect closing song for this debut EP!

To be honest with you, I’m very happy to share this EP with you and incredibly curious what you think of it!

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