Pip Blom, Lady Bird, Red Rum Club and more live at Hit The North 2019

Last Sunday, the 5th of May, made one of my favourite days of the year; Hit the North Festival in the city centre of Newcastle! The festival kicked off with about three opening parties that I had to miss because there were too many other gigs going on that day. Luckily for me, there was plenty of live music squeezed into that one day.

We started off the day banging our heads to the lovely alternative rock tunes of Pip Blom at Think Tank. I was very surprised by the incredible turn up as it was quite early on the day, but Pip and her band knew exactly how to win the audience and make them all dance like they hadn’t done before. As we needed to cool down a bit after Pip Blom’s set, we headed to the Forth to be completely blown away by Joe Ramsey‘s mesmerizing voice. The young lad stood there all on his own and brought his songs as if he was surrounded by a full band.

The next band made us break out in sweat again, because there was no chance of standing still during Arcade Hearts at the Cut. Funny how Hit the North always makes us end up watching gigs at places we usually don’t see gigs. The infectious, upbeat indie pop of Arcade Hearts was definitely one of the highlights of my day! And now that we’re talking about infectious, upbeat indie pop, I really feel like mentioning Red Rum Club as well because wow what a band that is! Inexhaustible energy, sweat drips were flying through Digital and the half-packed place was bouncing while the roof was about to be blown off; this is something you need to experience for yourself. Now all these happy, young-girl-friendly bands are amazing but in the end I think I will always be a bit of a punk-girl that enjoys it when singers scream angry sentences and make their fans end up in mosh pits. Lady Bird, that’s what I’m talking about (amongst bands like Slaves, Squid, Fontaines D.C. and many others…).

For more happy tunes we ended up in the Cut again, watching and singing and dancing along to the post-dad rock (this is what théy call themselves!) band that goes by the name of Tranqua Lite. We ended our amazingly musical day at The Boiler Shop were Blaenavon made the people go wild and it was the perfect end of a very vibrant day that still makes my heart beat a little faster.

Underneath you find a playlist with about all artists that played Hit the North 2019!

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