The Receivers – There’s More To The World (EP)

Indie shoegaze-band The Receivers was formed in late 2016 and have just released new EP ‘There’s More To The World’. The band has obviously been inspired by bands such as The Cure, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Blossoms, to name a few. Their hypnotic, upbeat tunes are just as good live as recorded, and they have improved a lot since their debut EP that was released at the end of September 2017.

The two singles of the EP that have been released as separate singles are ‘Saturday’ and ‘That’s What They Told Me’ and they really show the many different sides of The Receivers’ musical medal. ‘That’s What They Told Me’ is an outstanding piece of art on this EP that starts of grungy, than gives us a punk-vibe sounding like a groovier kind of Slaves-song. As I almost fell of my chair because of some very heavy head-bops, ‘Rimshot’ is the perfect break that takes down the rapidity of the EP and gives us a chance to catch some breath. It being a slow song shows us even more how diverse and talented the band from York really is. ‘Grand Central’ is a great closer for this product of the brainwaves of the four-piece that keeps surprising us.

“We wanted to release this EP as we had been itching to get a second body of work out. After releasing 3 singles in 2018 we missed the process and work involved in making something that is more than just one song. The songs range from being written way back in 2017 to finishing one in early 2019 when In the studio. There is a lot attached to this record for us and now is the right time to release it!”

On the 5th of May, the band returns to Fibbers in York to launch the EP with a smashing party!

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