WMN all-dayer at Head of Steam

I like to spend most of my days in music venues, surrounded by super talented and lovely souls. Last week WMN all-dayer took place at Head of Steam, in the city centre of Newcastle. The entire festival being arranged by two of my lovely friends plus the line-up being incredible made it a no-brainer; I had to be there. I decided to write about a couple of my personal headliners of the festival.

Starting early but in a nicely packed Head of Steam, was absolute angel Sarah Connolly. I must have looked like a complete idiot as all I could was staring at the girl with her guitar, who sounded like a dream with a mesmerizing voice. ‘Eye of a Bird’ is not just a treat for the ears, but also has some great lyrics I think you should really check out yourself…

My next headliner was dream Grace Gillespie, who sings more upbeat yet sad songs that come from the heart and have a more R&B-like feel to them. She did it all on her own, with her guitar and cheeky smile. Talking about how much she loves coming up to Newcastle made me giggle, as Newcastle seemed to love hér even more. ‘Human (Heart)’ has been stuck in my head ever since its release.

The festival covered most of the genres that I know of, especially in the indie-scene, as punk/ rock band Salsola was followed by incredibly feel-good folk pop band Tall Shaves. You wouldn’t say seven musicians fit the stage at Head of Steam, but apparently they did. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard such great harmonies, and the way frontman and -woman Kieran and Paige won the audience by their lovely upbeat songs brought a smile to mine and everyone else’s faces.

I had no clue what to expect from theatrical pop formation Glass Diamons and they completely blew me away with their energy and upbeat music. It still amazes me how they could play as if it was in front of a sold out arena instead of a packed 150 capacity venue. The persuasiveness of their performance was so strong that I still dream about the band and hope to see them live again soon!

Now the biggest reason of me coming down to see all these bands play was the lovely Robyn, power- and frontwoman of funky pop band PICNIC. Not only was the band playing the festival, Robyn also arranged all of it together with Rhyme as part of a uni project that kind of got out of hand. ‘Wishful Drinking’ is their newest release and absolutely catchy as well as a great mood changer in a very positive way!

Underneath you’ll find a list with all artists that were playing the festival. As always; I would love to hear yóur opinion so shoot me a message anytime!

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