The Barratts – Lights out in London

I recently spoke to James from indie band The Barratts who are touring the UK this month and have recently released lovely, catchy tune ‘Lights out in London’.

“Lights Out in London is our latest single, a lively tune that comments on the bleak prospects for young people and music in Britain today. As always, we keep fighting on and there’s plenty of great bands out there, but without the venues to bring people together, music will become more and more of a niche interest. We seem to be in danger of everyone staring down their screens all their lives, and it’s terrifying. What memories can be made that way? This is one of our favourite tracks and seems to be a fan-favourite too, we’ve had a great response to it so far which has been amazing!” 

I completely agree on this single being great, so here you go:

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