Robbie Pick – Mr Mr

Robbie Pick is releasing his second single ‘Knocking On My Door’ on the 30th of May, after success-debut ‘Mr Mr’. The young lad from Newcastle first stole the attention of the Newcastle music scene when he was supporting Bolton’s Jordan Allen at Think Tank? back in December. His debut was positively received by BBC Introducing and now we’re ready for a second one! His vibrant indie rock sound is one we don’t hear often anymore in the modern music scene. To be fair, I’m just happy we’ve got a new young rock star to follow, as I can’t wait to watch him live! As the new song isn’t out there yet, I do want to share his debut with you, even though that’s been out for some time now.

‘Mr Mr’ portrays a cynical story of a character trapped in cyclical venture of subsidizing a life of narcotics to prevent reoccurring thoughts of depression. Expect a little less punk from the second single, but enjoy his debut for now!

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