Husky Loops – Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me (video)

My favourite weird, absolutely unique rock band Husky Loops have recently released their new single ‘Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me’ and last week a video was added to that. It’s another new piece of art, with the recognizable Husky Loops-sauce yet completely different from all they have released before. It’s quite obvious the boys have discovered autotune, and even though I am usually not a fan, it absolutely works for me this time. Singer Danio’s voice is still very much there, but the use of autotune gives this single the feeling of being in a different world. In the video we follow the Italian charmer through the streets of London while everyone is… Having fun, but him.

The way this band creates their music and sound is very different from what we see these days. A lot of indie, alternative and pop bands copy what they have seen worked in the past, but Husky Loops just does it all their own way. It suits them, even though it can be tough too, as not everyone is always open for new music that they háven’t heard before. I simply can not wait for all the other projects and music they have got ready for us. The debut album is due for release on the 16th of August…

Having seen them live before, I know that their upcoming tour is going to be an absolute banger. Check out the video and their live-dates underneath and share your opinion with us!


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