Callum Pitt – Knocked The Wind Right Out Of Me

I am a regular gig-goer and spend most of my time at venues and near the front of stages. It’s hard to be impressed these days as there is just so much music being released! One gig, however, impressed me a lot and still has me daydreaming. It was Callum Pitt‘s gig at the Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle at the beginning of June.

Finding his music in my Release Radar is always a treat. His new and dreamy pop song ‘Knocked The Wind Right Out Of Me’ is just what I needed to wake up a little and start my day off the right way! ‘Knocked The Wind Right Out Of Me’ combines Callum’s mesmerising and peculiar voice with harmonies and sweet guitar tones. Nearing the end of the song, the band knew exactly how not to make this a boring track by pumping up the volume and speeding up the tempo, ending back into the slow and dreamy feel that seems to have become the ‘Callum Pitt-sound’. I can’t wait to see the band play live again, but for now at least I’ve got this new single to dance along to.

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