Picsel – The Heat

Heart-felt music with a Pixie-esque feel is what Picsel makes. The question is if their name is purposely something like ‘Pixies’, but if the answer is yes or no, the band seems to have made the name their own. The Picsel-sound is a thing, a thing consisting of swinging vocals and thought-through guitar-riffs that are the red wire of their new single ‘The Heat’. The band on what ‘The Heat’ is about: “This song is about the feeling of being crushed under the weight of stuff that really doesn’t matter.” Dive into this song and let the world turn cold for a moment, a moment for yourself is never wrong. Thank you Picsel, for this new and lovely piece of dream-pop.

Broken bones and cuts and bruises.
Heavy hearts and heavy eyelids.
Broken bones and cuts and bruises.
Can you protect me from the heat?

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