The Bergamot – L.A.

Haunting visuals and vocals that follow the chills down your spine and give you the feeling of being lonely but being supported within your loneliness. These are a couple of feelings and thoughts I had while listening to The Bergamot‘s new song ‘L.A.’. ‘L.A.’ is about packing up and moving on. This song speaks so much to me as I myself moved country almost two months ago. Moving away from the city that is supposed to be made of dreams, a city where individuals feel like they can be themselves without anyone looking… But then realising that they actually want to be seen. Founding members of The Bergamot as well as husband and wife Nathaniel Hoff and Jillian Speece say: “Overall, I hope the song speaks to the emotion of moving on. Whether it be love – or dreams – this song attempts to illustrate an emotional perspective where you have to let go, but hopefully, are not lost.”

“She left L.A. with a song in her head
Elle left L.A. and off she went
She left for the city with the stars in her eyes
Elle left L.A. and she doesn’t know why”

I will be speechless and silent for a bit, taking in this beautiful song and its painfully true message.


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