Clyde Park Avenue – Toxic

Clyde Park Avenue have released a video for their latest single ‘Toxic’ which is a contagious indie pop song that sounds like what The 1975 used to make. The outfit from Grand Rapids, USA, is the creative product of singer Nathan Conroy, bassist David Schrock and drummer Christian Storms. Their upbeat, happy sound gives the feeling of a warm and breezy summer morning and gives the energy to get up and do something. The band is inspired by the unifying aspects of the human experience and as mentioned before by the sound The 1975 got so well-known for. Is this unique and never done before? Definitely not. Is it catchy and makes us want to dance? Definitely yes, and in the end music is supposed to make us feel something and if that feeling is one of happiness I would say the band is doing a pretty good job.


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