Mosaic Sun, Tranqua Lite and Mayfare live at Surfcafé

Last Saturday was a great day for live music as not just Lindisfarne Festival was happening, but there was also a true funky indie night taking place at Surfcafé in Tynemouth. We sadly had to miss first act on Mosaic Sun due to slow traffic, but heard great stories of the band that just released their new single ‘Castles’. It is an incredibly infectious and upbeat rock tune that is one you’ll just have to move along to Even though the band doesn’t have any new shows confirmed yet we are sure they will have those coming in soon with the live reputation they have built!



Second act of the night is Tranqua Lite, the band we’ve been a fan of since seeing them play at Head of Steam during Fossway’s single launch and they seem to become better every freaking second. The enormous amount of energy the band threw up on stage overwhelmed the crowd and the other performing bands and it made Surfcafé look way too small for this incredibly fast evolving band. Their newest release is ‘I Need One Leg For Balance’ and it is hard to compare with any other bands or music around as Tranqua Lite just does their own thing and they do it damn well!


Finally it is Mayfare’s turn, the young and enthusiastic band couldn’t wait to get up on stage and is always as present as can be which is endearing and encouraging. The audience enjoyed the bands’ show almost as much as the band members themselves and both fueled the other. Mayfare have their stage presence nailed down with talks when needed and know exactly how to connect with their fans, which is quite important in a small venue such as Surfcafé.

All in all the night was absolutely banging and well arranged by Pillar Artists and we can’t wait to see all three acts live and live again!

Mayfare BW

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