Swimming With Bears – Keep Smiling

As the charts are being stormed by indie rock bands, it is hard for emerging bands to be different and stand out. Swimming With Bears did it for me with their new single ‘Keep Smiling’. Weird sounds, crazy vocals and toe-tapping guitar riffs make Swimming With Bears memorable and the front-swimmers of their genre. The four-piece was formed in Austin, Texas and have opened for Weezer and Panic! At The Disco. ‘Keep Smiling’ illustrates the struggle of staying positive in an environment filled with negativity. Its consistent upbeat tempo is supposed to bring some sunshine into the listeners’ life and ears and that is exactly what it did to me!

The video accompanying the single shows a cheery diner waitress who doesn’t let rude customers bring down her mood. She dances in between each customer, not letting anyone get to her. It tells the story of lead singer Joe Perry who would serve customers all day at a Tex-Mex restaurant, while really he just wanted to play shows and write music. I am happy he found some time to write ‘Keep Smiling’ as it definitely put me in a good mood!


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