Four In The Morning – Lucky Kids

Crumbling vocals and rhythmic guitar-play that go from one place to another are what keeps this new release an interesting one. ‘Lucky Kids’ is the new melodic and wandering single by Four In The Morning, the song is a heartfelt piece of indie rock with a dash of folk. This catchy earwig is about feeling luckier than you deserve and getting too drunk while trying to impress the person you love. I hope I can safely say we’ve all been in a situation of some sort before, as I definitely have…

The Melbourne indie rock outfit have been melting genres together ever since existing and have been influenced by acts such as The National, Bruce Springsteen, Radiohead, Frightened Rabbit and even Dire Straits.

“‘Lucky Kids’ was written a week before the four-piece started recording their forthcoming EP at the established Phaedra Studios in Coburg. You can hear this spontaneity, with Four in the Morning crafting a song that just clicks.”

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