Subterranean Street Society – The Road Stays Mine

Dutch remarkable indie band Subterranean Street Society, a band that came from lead singer Louis playing on the street, have released their new single ‘The Roads Stays Mine’. While working on the street, Louis was also working on an album for his brainchild Subterranean Street Society. About ‘The Road Stays Mine’: “this song is about a hitchhiker being picked up by a woman in the deep deserts of America. He falls in love with her careless driving, her aimless direction and in a car without seat belts he thinks he has caught the perfect ride.”

The single’s laid back vocals and instrumentals actually give the feeling of being in the car with the hitchhiker who won the lottery. With some great high notes and unexpected hooks to the song, it is as gripping as it is fascinating and God I wish the band would make a video for this song. I can only imagine it being in an old American in any desert where the sun is burning on the hitchhikers scalp.

‘The Road Stays Mine’ is step three of Subterranean Street Society’s twelve steps-concept album, ‘Twelve Steps’ is centered around alcoholism and is a journey through the emotional roller coaster of dealing with the tight grip of addiction. To stay up to date on the bands adventures and upcoming releases, keep a close eye on their social media to make sure not to miss a thing.


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