The Academic – Aftertaste

The Academic have released yet another extremely catchy earwig that screams for sing-along-nights and a bottle of wine. ‘Aftertaste’ is about easy love and begging for the aftertaste, which the title pretty much gives away. This single is the follow-up of the Irish indie pop bands’ debut album which was released last year. The band have spent the past one and a half year touring Europe and the US and have been capturing hearts and dragging in new fans as if it is just a walk in the park. The charismatic and just-out-of-puberty quartet have proven to be very talented and know exactly how to write whatever their audience wants to hear. ‘Aftertaste’ is just another piece of proof of what the band is capable of. Frontman Craig says of the single: “Our mindset when writing is less defined by what the stereotype of an indie band should sound like and be more about letting our songs be the best they can be.”

I’m just curious what yóu think of this new single!

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