Your Smith – Man of Weakness (video)

I have recently fallen into the voice and sound of Your Smith. Smith released her second EP ‘Wild Wild Woman’ today and on it is her new bubbly and enchanting single ‘Man of Weakness’ which is complemented by a one take video. The video is a one-shot affair that follows Smith as she unleashes her own ‘wild woman’ upon a busy Los Angeles Diner and Bar.

Even though I am usually not a fan of commercial pop, Your Smith’s sound absolutely works for me. Your Smith’s new single ‘Man of Weakness’ has the joyous feeling of a day off after a long week of work and the listener not being able to stop themselves from moving along. With a clever rhythm and dainty vocals ‘Man of Weakness’ is a part of commercial but musical masterpiece ‘Wild Wild Woman’ – Smith’s second EP. The EP is a collection of records on which Smith encourages her listeners to “Put it on. Turn it up. Go wild.” Take a look yourself and get inspired!


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