Shotski – SOL

‘SOL’ is the new single of surf rock band Shotski, and is taken from their new EP ‘Pipedream’. Shotski was aimlessly drifting between mountain and ocean but re-found themselves and the product of that discovery is ‘Pipedream’. ‘SOL’ is the opener of the EP and immediately traps the attention of the listener with a happy and fast-tapping beat. Vocals as if sung through a megaphone, over a speaker system or right into your ears. There is no escaping Shotski, and the name itself is already captivating enough, with their music they just complement that.

This single is most definitely your cup of tea if you’re a fan of The Black Keys and 90’s alternative rock. The Portland group have only been releasing music since last year but steadily built a solid back catalog and there is much more to come!


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