Hollow Coves – Borderlines

The first time I saw Hollow Coves live was when they were opening the night for Walking On Cars during their show in Paradiso, Amsterdam. I remember working behind the bar and just staring at the duo on stage, wondering how they could look so relaxed in front of about a thousand whispering visitors who were actually there to see Walking On Cars. They impressed me, they touched something in me that hadn’t been touched for some time. With their new single ‘Borderlines’, they’re doing it again.

Built on an idea from a trip to San Francisco, the delicate picking of “Borderlines” builds towards an upbeat and uplifting chant about “not being scared to step out and make life an adventure,” states Matt. Hollow Coves somehow makes my fears disappear as if they were never really present. Fear, is actually just a persons perspective on whatever holds him or her back… Let your fears fade away with ‘Borderlines’.

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