Red Rum Club – Kids Addicted

Unique in their sound, capturing their audience with an unstoppable energy and great usage of brass instruments and ever improving new releases Red Rum Club are locked inside my heart. They brightened up my day with new single ‘Kids Addicted’. This new piece of funk is the must-hear epilogue to the cinematic showdown that was Red Rum Clubs’s debut album, ‘Matador’. It being a high-energy and immense sum of mariachi brass, unavoidable rhythms and galloping percussion which makes it a swinging earwig.

Selling out venues all over the country, the band that formed in 2016 is steadily becoming a recurrent name within the live music circuit. Making sure none of their fans leave their gigs without a little dance, the band have mastered the skill of creating an indelible impression.

Front man Fran about the single: “Kids Addicted is an observation we wanted to make on the modern age of social media and the effect it has on youth culture. The constant interaction with a vast amount of people and the highs and lows of its addictive nature.”


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