Folvo – Wolf (video)

Brand new Dutch weird indie band Folvo have just released their debut single and ‘Wolf’ is an unexpected turn of events that brightened up my day. ‘Wolf’ is taken from their debut album ‘Kilometers’, which will be a balanced mix of Americana and 60’s Britpop with a big wink. The semi-live video for ‘Wolf’ is quirky and shows the band playing, with the video ending in a big, daft mayhem.

Singer Rolf’s pure voice is a refreshing one and his penetrating look inquires to be looked at and listened to. Basically that benchmark goes for all the band members who have a talent for looking straight into the camera and looking straight through you. Their usage of keys and riffing guitars make this song a happy and up tempo blend of fore-mentioned genres and if you think it can’t get quirkier… The band escapes through the window in the end. I’m not kidding, but if you don’t believe me you should check out the video underneath!

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