In My Coma – Next Life (Redux)

A dragging, enormous new single has been released by In My Coma. ‘Next Life (Redux)’ is an impressive rock tune that could fill arenas. The song is a great one for fans of Noel Gallagher’s latest album ‘Who Built The Moon?’, as it’s got the same big sound, dreamy background harmonies and chanting lead vocals. The Toronto-based super group experiments with grand arrangements, powerful melodies and insistent guitar riffs.

In My Coma have been working long and hard to build a solid fan base, both by touring and by releasing consistently refreshing tunes. It is a unique mix of Britpop, 90’s alternative rock and a dose of dark synth-pop. ‘Next Life (Redux)’ was formed and created through input of all band members and driven by frustrations and challenges.

Singer Jasper James about the track: “It’s a song that has a lot of parallels with the struggles we’ve had as a band and speaks to a lot of the turmoil that everyone has in their lives. It’s kind of talking about a point in time when you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but you still have some shred of hope,”

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