Johnny Kills – Help Me Out

A new EP will soon be released but before we get to that, you’ll have to have a listen to Johnny Kills‘ newest cry for help; ‘Help Me Out’. It’s a short but powerful single about the cluelessness of early adulthood. ‘Help Me Out’ is up beat, fast-paced surf rock infused with fuzz and gives a feeling of relief when realising you’re not the only one trying to figure out how you’re ever supposed to be an adult.

With a dash of inspiration drawn from garage rock, Johnny Kills sets themselves aside from the regular indie songs we’ve been hearing in the charts for a while now. ‘Help Me Out’ is contemplating about career choices, a place to live and things to care about. What is important and what is not?

I think Johnny Kills should keep their focus on contemplating about life and wrapping it up in a cheeky and short surf rock track, as it worked out very well for them on ‘Help Me Out’. The single will also appear on their debut EP ‘Panic’ (I see a theme here…), which will be released on the 20th of November!

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