The Maybe Next Years – Downfall of Lookout Records

The Maybe Next Years have released a one and a half minute power punk tune about the demise of the Berkeley-based independent record label Lookout Records. Taking the piss by not properly explaining anything about the situation, not showing progression throughout the single and making it as short as they possibly could, this is a purely fun take on classic punk rock. There’s nothing serious about this band, however their uptempo and refreshing old school punk tune has been stuck in my head for a couple of days now and that says something.

I’m not easily pleased anymore, and it sounds like The Maybe Next Years are facing just that same problem. Their press release is also quite remarkable, stating: “The singer doesn’t mention the management changes, unpaid royalties or anything. Who/what are sun city girls? Why not name-drop Green Day or, hell Op Ivy? This song doesn’t only lack any historical understanding, but neglects any cohesive narrative or through line.”

The Maybe Next Years have brought me one and a half minute of head-banging, a good giggle about their press release and a relieved sigh as I realise we’re all just trying to live life and have a bit of fun while living it.

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