Sad Boys Club – Kukachu

Even though the name suspects a sad, The Cure-inspired band, Sad Boys Club surprise in many ways. Their vocals still resemble the outstanding oddity that Robert Smith owns, but Sad Boys Club is a club on its own. ‘Kukachu’ is their latest release, and it is a characteristic and up beat tune that is about the period after a life-changing moment. The period in which days and weeks are a big blur, and don’t seem to have any time-frame whatsoever. Even though these periods are usually not the happiest, Sad Boys Club gave it a positive spin which now makes it feel like something good!

Turning something that is nearly depressing into a cheerful song with rhythmic drums and an intriguing soundscape that plays in the background, is what makes Sad Boys Club stand out from the rest of the music I have heard lately.

Frontman Jacob Wheldon about the single: “There’s an aimlessness as you exit one orbit of focus and wait to fall or find another, things slide in and out of view and you maybe lose yourself for a bit only to find something more meaningful.” I did lose myself only a little bit while listening to ‘Kukachu’, but in the best way possible…


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