BENEDICT – You’ve Lost Me Before

A wonderful dark and moody but soothing voice is leading us into the new story written and directed by Dutch dream-pop phenomenon BENEDICT. Accompanied by the video of a wonderful woman expressing certain emotions through her facial expressions, the song is a captivating new release that goes by the name of ‘You’ve Lost Me Before’.

The song is about hopes and fears and BENEDICT expresses those in the video by going out on the streets in drag during Amsterdam Gay Pride. It is without boundaries and without judgement, a song about passion for being yourself and with a dash of glitter and glamour. In February 2020 this single and video will be followed up by an album, which is promised to be as dark and gloomy as ‘You’ve Lost Me Before’.

Combine mumbling vocals, with crackling piano-sounds and gracefully arranged horn and string arrangements and you have the perfect recipe for a dramatic but humble sound. BENEDICT has done well in being different and standing out and I’m very excited about the future releases!


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