Will Samson – Flowerbed

Will Samson has released a new release called ‘Flowerbed’. It’s a cascading, divine single, the second one from the forthcoming album. It’s the follow up of single ‘Ochre Alps’, and a worthy one! The album was inspired by Samson’s way of processing death and mild PTSD, processing grief is something too many of us will have to cope with and turning something that’s dark and depressing into a wonderful and musical adventure is a talent on its own. A retreat to the countryside delivered the finishing of both ‘Ochre Alps’ and ‘Flowerbeds’, and in a very refined way actually captured the feeling of being at the countryside.

The video complements the music and creates a captivatingly mellow dream that is a separate world from the world we live in. Will says about the video: “In it, I found myself stuck half way up a mountain, with my foot lodged deep in the snow. I looked up into the distance to see other climbers reaching the top and below me was a long descent back down. My short analysis is that some old patterns had to be shed in order to move forward.”

Samson’s moving and confident sound has had me captivated from the first note. I’ve been in a dream and Will created the soundtrack for it, he even coloured in the images that were missing.


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