JunkBunny – This Time

It’s up and coming Houston-based rock band JunkBunny that have released their debut EP ‘Junk Rock’, you are currently reading the review for single ‘This Time’, taken of the EP. Their edgy, to-the-point punk rock was bundled in the EP and exploded on ‘This Time’. Guitar riffs usually do the trick for me, and JunkBunny gracefully took advantage of that.

Great, chanting vocals that are easy to sing along to make sure of ‘This Time’ being a contagious punk rock-song that stands on his own, independently. The single, as well as the EP, are produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, P.O.D.), which is definitely something we can hear, as it could have been a little less polished.

‘This Time’ leans more towards pop punk than true punk, however its strength is also being a crossover between both genres! It expresses the genre-variety JunkBunny would like to showcase with ‘Junk Rock’. So you could say that they delivered exactly what they wanted to deliver. Have a listen and share your thoughts!


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