Flat Lager – In Your Grave

Crowd-pleasing, body-moving, head-bopping, very enjoyable new single ‘In Your Grave’ has been released by grunge, funk and rock’n’roll band Flat Lager from Oxford! Their way of genre-blending delivered them an infectious sound that is hard to get out of your head. ‘In Your Grave’ is a danceable grunge tune which sums up what the band have been doing the past two years since their emerging.

The future seems bright for the band as they have been playing shows with Irish grunge band FangClub and they received some love from their local BBC Introducing station! Next up for the Oxford-based band is improving their stage presence further afield and jumping out of their comfort zone. Lead singer Owen says about the single: “In Your Grave has been in our setlist for a long time and it has always been a highlight during our shows with that punch in the gut feeling which perfectly sums up our band, and we can’t wait to share the following singles this coming autumn and summer.”

We can’t wait either!

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