Fever Days – Drugs

Not too long ago I wrote a review on Fever Days‘ new single ‘Hard Luck’, the band have already released an even newer single and are showing how they have been steadily progressing their musical skills. ‘Drugs’ is the newest addition to the Fever Days discography.

With having created a more mellow sound for the newest release, they discover a new corner of lo-fi indie pop and open up the conversation about where this band is heading. ‘Drugs’ is sounding like the anthem of a night out in Newcastle. Despite its up beat and happy-go-lucky feeling, it’s not a particularly happy message being shared. “The song isn’t an anti-drugs song, but it is a bit of a middle finger to the people I’ve met whose lives are consumed by drug consumption. It’s all they seem to talk about, boring me to death in the process since I’m not into all that stuff.”

Well, I must admit: I am definitely into all that stuff if it means another great Fever Days single!

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