Chocolat – Cette fois c’est la bonne

Definitely infectious, feel-good vibes, classic rock’n’roll, but in French. With a band name like Chocolat’s you can barely do anything wrong when you ask me. They only prove so with their new single ‘Cette fois c’est la bonne’ and I have just returned from Google Translate to tell you that it means ‘this time it’s the right one’, and it certainly is. It’s the perfect throwback-rock’n’roll belter so to say!

Throw in some piano, saxophono solos and more guitar riffs and what you’ve got is the ingredients for a soulful rock-song. Chocolat’s newest release refers to the era of the record industry when it was still a feasible goal to sell millions of records. Without becoming outdated, Chocolat delivers 70’s and 80’s inspired tunes which they have been doing so for the past ten years and will hopefully keep doing so in the long upcoming future!

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