The Bergamot – Ceasefire

I have decided that The Bergamot are going to be a recurring theme on Music For The Misfits as I have not been emotionally touched by a band this much before I ran into the amazing Brooklyn-based duo. Their album was released last month and I have given all separate songs that appear on it my full attention to not miss a single detail. This is how I most recently ran into ‘Ceasefire’ and its peculiar video.

It is a sound that sounds as if being in a dream, as the duo draws surreal and creative landscapes through their melodic voices and chanting lyrics. It is almost thrilling when they chant “No ceaefire”… But they then continue and calm me down with their soothing voices and I am eased into a daydream about the mountains in Scotland and my toes wiggling in the sand of a sandy beach.

Can lift me up
And lay me down
No I won’t
No I won’t
Be afraid

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