The Planetoids – Your Body (video)

I’m not sure if this could be called jazz, but I get a jazzy feeling when listening to The Planetoids‘ new single ‘Your Body’ which is accompanied by an eccentric music video. ‘Your Body’ is about freedom of choice and self-love and we all need a little more self-love from time to time. Now The Planetoids have created a mellow but up beat, joyous and infectious sound that sets them apart from most generic bands.

The video shows a march of lovely looking ladies with their prams and the expressions on their faces are more than empowering. I am almost wishing to be marching with them! It’s not just the creative, clever video but mainly the chanting harmonies that criticise society’s pressure on women over 25 and the almost inevitable question ‘so when are you having children?’ I stand with The Planetoids that say ‘it’s nobody’s business, but your own.’

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