The Rhymes – Homerun

The Rhymes have released a new ‘stage dive-pop’ song called ‘Homerun’. The question is if the single actually hit homerun and the answer is yes. The band have been touring Europe, the UK and a big part of the Nordic countries. Now after almost three quarters of a year the band is back with their newest release. The single is taken from their upcoming debut album which will be released at the end of this year/ early next year. Take a moment to realise that it’s almost 2020…

Back to ‘Homerun’, introducing the song with grand riffs and up beat electronic vibes it is impossible to stop yourself from moving along to its captivating rhythm! Combine that with harmonies that give the feeling of standing in the middle of a sold out Rhymes-arena show. Its tone is happy, encouraging and chipper. The Rhymes have definitely created a song that needs to be on repeat and it will be your sunshine on a cloudy day!

Like Chuck Berry on coke. The Police on steroids. This stage is your stage.

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