The Trusted – Wild Love

Sometimes, the title of a track immediately pulls your attention without having even heard a tone of music. ‘Wild Love’ did this for me and luckily, the music itself isn’t disappointing either! While listening to The Trusted‘s new single, there was no way of letting my attention slip away. The catchy, intriguing and melodic song has more than one unexpected hook that makes you look around for a second, thinking ‘did someone hear that?!’

Talented, versatile, musical, unique and stubborn is what sums up the attitude of the band from Southend-on-Sea. Their goal is to reach some raw emotions within their listeners and with ‘Wild Love’ they made me long for a weekend getaway. Which, according to singer Tom, is exactly what the song is about: “W​ild Love is a song about leaving everything behind and running away with someone. It’s a song about finding a new place away from all the trouble and pain.”


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