Annie DiRusso – Dead Dogs

An eye-opening, pure and raw voice opens up the story that is called ‘Dead Dogs’ and was written by Annie DiRusso. ‘Dead Dogs’ develops like a flame, the fire starts and keeps burning fueled by the energy and sound of singer Annie. The main vocals are the red wire throughout the song, but are being strongly supported by rolling riffs and unexpected hooks. It’s the middle of ‘Dead Dogs’ that puts the main vocals in the spotlight, it’s a moment to take a breath, right before leading into the second half of the song.

The wandering guitar-sounds seem to guide my thoughts back to the music, everytime they are about to wander off. It’s the filling sound, that leaves nothing untouched and that makes feel like standing in a big and echoing church where all you can hear is the music. There is no room for second thoughts, all there is is Annie, and her attempts to communicate with her dead dog of 15 years, Bella. “I know that my attempts are probably futile but for some reason I keep on doing it…”

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