Ian McFarland – Long Distance

With the look of a standard singer songwriter, Ian McFarland surprises with his up tempo, fierce sound. ‘Long Distance’ is his newest release, a dream pop slash indie rock slash folk pop song that is packed with unexpected hooks that keep the listener intrigued until the end. The three minute long slice of McFarland broadcasts his various talents and sounds like an overview of what he’s got in store. Even though he touches many different genres in the track, Ian knows how to make sure it all sounds as one by building smart bridges between the couplets.

‘Long Distance’ was written during a low point in McFarland’s life, experiencing loneliness and homesickness, however the singer from Portsmouth knew how to turn it into something positive. Ian: “I’m really happy with how ‘Long Distance’ came out given the negative time in my life that gave way to it. I’m glad something good came out of that period at least.”


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