Annie J – Figured Out

I have been through this many a times, but people wasting your time is infuriating. Luckily, Annie J did not waste my time and even related to some situations I have been in myself. ‘Figured Out’ is the infectious new pop song by singer songwriter Annie J and I’m grateful for having her warm and unique voice in my life! You would most definitely not guess it, but our dear Annie is only fifteen and I can not believe such a young girl is doing what she loves and doing it with such fierce.

Now I might have just completely missed the hype around her, but in home country New Zealand she is a fan favourite with a semi final place in the Unsigned Only Worldwide song writing competition. Besides being wonderful and outstanding, she’s also figured out life a lot earlier than I myself did. “At 15, I’m figuring out that life is not all sweetness and light. ‘Figured out’ showcases my brush with bullying and my choice to respond with music.” It is her pure voice that sounds so mature, and the up beat but thought-through melodies that make ‘Figured Out’ a special new release.

Annie says: “My aim with ‘Figured Out’ is to give a lift to anyone in a similar situation. My training in classical and modern dance has inspired me to make electronic infused music that motivates people to dance, all the while staying true to my roots as a guitarist and singer-songwriter. “Figured Out” reflects my everyday life complemented by an electro pop beat.” Honestly, I could not have said it any better.

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