Yasmin Natasha – Flamingos

Small and fragile, sensitive and modest is what sums up Yasmin Natasha. Her new single ‘Flamingos’ represents just that, and is a wonderfully dreamy single with a harmony-filled soundscape. The singer songwriter who is currently situated in London has a way of telling stories while giving the listener the feeling of being the main character of it. ‘Flamingos’ is the end of a chapter as it is time for Yasmin to move on to another genre and sound. Its story is based on the struggles and anxieties of a perhaps dead-end relationship.

The single describes a relationship that will never fly off the ground, but a sad situation has been transformed into an ambient little dream that is comforting and sounds like a strong shoulder to lean on.

‘Flamingos’ is the perfect escape route and temporary solution to the pressure of every day life. Yasmin’s folky sound combined with her pop sax melodies tastes like a box of chocolates; I want more.

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