Corella – Come Around

Manchester-based indie rock super group Corella have released their new video for latest single ‘Come Around’. ‘Come Around’ is the mature and heavier version of earlier Corella and sees the band grow into their own skin and sound. The uplifting energy and fact-paced rhythm of ‘Come Around’ is where the band blossom and what they truly enjoy creating. Corella is speeding and I’m thoroughly enjoying the wind in my hair while cruising along with the band on their newest single.

The video that’s accompanying the single is a short film about a young boy living in a house where fighting seems common. It’s a desperate cry for help and portrays the need for freedom and space. It’s the tearing passion and emotion on the face of lead singer Joel that makes me want to run for him to hold him and sing along as if to offer some comfort and support.

To me, videos have stopped having an added value to music some time ago, but once and again it happens that a video actually adds a lot of depth to a new release, which is exactly what Corella have accomplished.

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