Bull – Bedroom Floor

It’s wonderfully dreamy in an intimate and alternative kind of way. York’s Bull have released a new single called ‘Bedroom Floor’, I turned on the music while I slowly lowered myself on the carpet of my bedroom floor… I had a brief chat with the main character of the video that accompanies the single, and got a slightly French feeling out of it. The barret might could play a part in this.

Let’s dive into the music, singer Tom has got an outstanding voice that seems to have a life on its own. Their musical soundscapes seems to be driven by his remarkable voice, and follows it around like a trustworthy Golden Retriever. The band themselves describe ‘Bedroom Floor’ as a depressing song, however it’s not the feeling I took from it. It’s a crispy autumn afternoon, a walk in the park while leafs in different shades of brown tumble down driven by the wind, and ‘Bedroom Floor’ plays in the background.

Even though the sound of it might not be depressing, the subject of it is. “It’s a song about self-deprecation, thinking and saying things you don’t mean whilst growing to dislike your own voice.” I recognize that feeling and the situation described, but will definitely not grow to dislike Tom’s voice, and I hope nor will he…


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