Seafret – Love Won’t Let Me Leave

It’s the introductory riff and the wonderful voice of singer Jack that made me feel as if two strong arms grabbed me and gave me a firm hug as if to say “You’re not alone and we are going nowhere”. ‘Love Won’t Let Me Leave’ is the soft, big couch you sink back on after a long day at work and all you need is someone to sing the words you have been unable to think. Seafret appeared into my life without any warning and I am happy they did.

Their guitar picking, slow but up tempo rhythm and dreamy but present soundscape are a golden combination. There are only so many bands that know the right amount of cheesiness a song can take. While chanting “without you I just feel so incomplete” there was a brief moment where I couldn’t stop but think “that’s ridiculously cheesy…” Than again, I’m a mega fan of cheese, and you should hear the rest of the lyrics for yourself to be able to relate…

‘Love Won’t Let Me Leave…’

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