Patrick Gosling – Always Ready

Singer-songwriter Patrick Gosling has finally released his debut single ‘Always Ready’. The young lad based in South Shields has been performing in various projects and has now embarked on a solo adventure after performing his debut show at the Amphitheatre in South Shields. ‘Always Ready’ has a soft tone with a raw edge and Gosling seems to have been inspired by Brit rock and pop, which has worked out for him pretty well.

Gosling’s performed all around the North East and is now introducing himself as a solo artist, setting the bar high for himself with this homage to his hometown. ‘Always Ready’ is what stems from his hometown’s motto. A debut headline show is being planned out as we speak and more gigs throughout the UK will follow up his first success story; releasing his debut single.

Patrick about the experience of releasing his debut single: “I took my time releasing a first single as I wanted to make sure I chose the right song to have. The song is essentially a love song about my hometown. It’s about a lot of things but the main theme being growing up and living in Shields. It’s one of my favourite songs I’ve written because I have such a close personal connection to it. I knew I wanted to have a song called ‘Always Ready’ before it was even written. I’m very excited to get the ball rolling and release more!”

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