In The Belly Of A Snake – She’s the Sun

On a gloomy Sunday afternoon, or any other day for that matter, what I need is mellow indie vibes and enchanting vocals. In The Belly Of A Snake gave me just that with their newest single ‘She’s the Sun’. Must say, that band name is not for me with it being just too long, but the title of their new single makes up for it. ‘She’s the Sun’ is a rhythmic fall anthem with moving harmonies where fitting. ‘She’s the Sun’ is a sentence that will be following me around in my dreams, In The Belly Of A Snake is already an act we can hardly ignore.

The duo started rehearsing and playing together only last summer, which is hard to tell from their thought-through, established sound. With the two singer songwriter living in different cities, they mainly communicate through email and the internet. It’s using modern day communication and taking what’s best from it!

‘She’s the Sun’ was one of the first tracks the duo worked on together, with the music coming first and lyrics following right after the musicians’ dynamics show to work incredibly together. “I had a demo idea on my Mac Book titled ‘She’s the Sun’ with no lyrics to it for about a year prior. I didn’t think it would ever get used until I sent it to Ricky, he really liked it and came up with this really catchy chorus line that I absolutely loved!”

“‘She’s the Sun’ is a song about two lovers constantly being pulled away from
each other. The original idea was inspired by the fable of how the sun loved the moon so
much he died every night just to let her breathe. In this song, the sun is a woman and the
moon is a man who is madly in love with her.”

“It’s a song about desire, longing, loneliness and a deep love that never gives up.”

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