Pool House – Not Enough

It completely slipped my mind what this single made me think of, but its sound makes my thought drift off towards a tropical hotel resort at which I’m having a nice and lazy afternoon at the pool with a cocktail in my hand. Pool House have released new single ‘Not Enough’ and it is a chanting, calming and soothing new indie song that stands out because of its sudden hooks and changes in rhythm. It’s a refreshing sound that is different from the standard chords that I have gotten sick off during the past decade.

Now, admittedly, the main vocals could have been a bit more diverse, but in its own special way, they are like slow and serene sirens that sing me a lullaby. It’s the second song of Pool House, who’s, unbelievable. a one-man-band. Inspired by every day life and other artists in the scene, this single is about a boy who spent almost all his free time with his female best friend. “After years of friendship she got bored, but she kept it to herself. She replaced him with another boy. He realised this, but swore to himself that he would not change because of her. In conclusion, the friendship broke up…” With every song that I hear about personal experiences I’m surprised and amazed by the strength artists need to share such personal feelings and emotions with basically anyone that would like to hear it.

I spoke to Pool House briefly, about what inspires him and who he’d like to work with in the future. “I don’t personally know other artists within my genre, but in my dreams I would love to work with Day Wave, The Drums, Beach Fossils or make something dreamy with Beach House.” Set your goals high and work towards them. Oh, and that inner critic of yours? Sit it down, tell it to shut up.


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